Why El’Cobre?

El’Cobre has a vision of re-establishing the century-long medicinal properties and cultural values of copper again in our lifestyle that can inspire us to make lives being well, not only being alive, also, preserving century-long Indian craft and providing economic livelihood to highly skilled craftsmen of the land, and manufactures copper products carefully woven and textured by combining artisans traditional knowledge and experience with today’s design understanding, producing rich sustainable lifestyle products with age-old illustrious history and tradition of copper moulding, blending & processing modern art which will live with you forever and elevate your everyday living areas.

El’Cobre bottles, glasses, carafes and jugs are handcrafted masterpieces that have a very sculptural quality about them.  We offer customized design feature to our esteemed customers where they can imprint choices and preferences. We also visualize diverse and distinct unique designs in line with customers’ tastes and preferences to make the products more beautiful and aesthetic in look.

Why Copper?

Copper is an essential element for human nutrition.  The mineral is critical for blood cell formation and is found in many foods and most water supplies.  A balanced diet requires a recommended daily intake of about 1 mg of copper.

Only very low level of copper (50-120 milligram) is typically found inside the body. Probably, such tiny quantity of copper would fit the head of the pin. Being a vital element for our body, we generally take copper from external sources.

Because of this reason, we have a long-established tradition of using copper bottles and other copperware items in our lifestyle. As copper has purifying nature, it cleanses water stored in the copper bottle, destroying microbes that causes waterborne disease such as diarrhea, dysentery and jaundice. Copper has the properties to kill the harmful bacteria and is considered a great remedy for ulcers, indigestion and infections.

Three Doshas present inside the body– Vata, Kapha and Pitta – as mentioned in Ayurveda remain in balance with copper.

Copper has also other medicinal benefits like anti-aging property, maintains good heart, improves digestion system, prevents Thyroid problem, and anti-cancer property among others.

99.7% Pure Copper

Our products are made of 99.7% pure high gradecopper. We do not use any heavy metals or aluminium in the production process. This makes our bottles, glasses, jugs and carafes at least 45% lighter than glass bottles, glasses, jugs or carafes and also offers vitality benefits of copper. More-over, our copper bottles, glasses, jugs and carafes are free from the harmful toxins released by plastic bottles! Besides, each piece is handcrafted by our artisans using traditional techniques.

Is Copper Eco-Friendly?

As concerns over our environmental impact has increased, home builders and reas estate owners have begun using copper more and more frequently in a effort to reduce caron footprint. Compared to traditional building materials such as wood and synthetic roof tiles, copper has many environmental advantages that make it a superior choice for home construction.

Benefits of Copper to Human Health?

Copper has been used by humans since ancient times, especially in the treatment of infections and prevention of diseases. In the nineteenth century, after the discovery of the relationships between pathogens and diseases, scientists paid great attention to copper’s antibacterial properties.

Some of the Benefits of Copper
Helps in Weight Loss
Boost Immunity
Slows Down Ageing
Improves Digestion
Good for Heart
Beats Arthritis and Inflamed Joints
Antimicrobial, Fights Infections
Boosts Skin Health
Reduces Bacterial Infection by 40%
Maintains Collages and Elastin
Heals Internal Wounds Fast
Stimulates the Brain Cells
Helps in Iron Absorption