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Power Bracelet – Weight Loss Crystal Bracelet


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Weight Loss Crystal Bracelet


Healing Crystal Bracelet for Weight Loss with 8mm AAA Genuine Gemstones on strong stretch elastic cord.

Crystals form naturally in the earth and are thousands of years old. Each crystal structure has an electromagnetic energy and vibration. As a natural energy source crystals radiate from the planet and regulate everything and as such their vibrational power is very effective in holistic healing.


Clear Quartz: Clears negativity and keeps you motivated – for metabolism and excess energy channeling.

Green Aventurine: For thymus gland healing and diverting energy to positive places.

Black Tourmaline: For healthy digestion and a sense of grounding.

Sunstone: Boosts will power, brings sunshine into your life and boosts metabolism

Carnelian: For a libido burst and toxin flush.  It suppresses hunger, curbs cravings, and helps your body detox.



The perfect gift for loved ones, friends or a treat to yourself.


Care Instructions:

Please note that due to the fact these are natural stones, the colours may vary but they are all equally as beautiful.

To get the best out of your crystal healing bracelet, please roll it up and over your hand, do not pull it onto your wrist as in time this will weaken the elastic.

Remove before bathing and using water as this weakens the elastic.



Crystals and crystal healing may offer a treatment which is supportive of your healing but they do not offer a direct cure for physical ailments as they work on the vital energy level.

Healing gemstones are not a replacement for professional medical care.  Crystals can be used as complementary to other therapies.

Always consult your doctor or other health professional in the case of illness.