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It was discovered centuries ago by ancient Ayurvedic civilizations which led to the use of copper in various health applications, including storing water in copper vessels to make water naturally alkaline and sterilize pure drinking water.

Drinking water from a copper vessel is known to bring amazing, proven health benefits and is widely recommended by Yogis and Ayurveda experts. According to Ayurveda, water stored in a copper vessel has the ability to balance all the three doshas in your body, (vata, kapha and pitta) and it does so by positively charging the water. When you store water in a copper vessel, glass or bottle for long (eight hours or more), this metal releases its ions. The water gets infused with these copper ions.  Copper is known to be far more poisonous to bacteria than others, eg. stainless steel or aluminium. Storing water only for about three hours in a copper tumbler can kill harmful bacteria.  This metal is known for its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties. It also helps you maintain healthy levels of haemoglobin in the blood. Moreover, it is good for cell regeneration too. The best part about this water is that it never becomes stale and can be stored this way for long periods of time.


ELCOBRE Copper Carafes are created to aid in your path to a healthier lifestyle, indulge yourself to a Copper Detox.  Each of our CARAFE is shaped from a single sheet of 100% pure copper with no joints or seams.  As a result, our Carafes are of exceptional quality.


100% Copper Long Carafe – All of our Copper Carafes are made with pure solid food grade copper, making them 100% safe for drinking.  Our Carafe has no inner linings such as Tin, Nickel, Steel, or other metals which will have a noticeably gross smell/taste.


Handmade –  Our Copper Carafe is designed to be perfect in size for everyday life.  These delightful Long Carafe combines elegance and style with everyday practicality and just another way you can stay hydrated, healthy and built for extraordinary look with fantastic design.

In addition to the chic design, our Carafe is made one at a time by experienced craftsmen dedicated to the art of metal working.  Because of this, no two Carafes are exactly identical in design and delivers the timeless look, incredible taste and eye-catching style.  Our copper Carafe makes every piece an art with attention to detail when crafting Copper Carafes is unmatched.  Each Carafe is shaped and polished by hand and are made for drinking water and balance your body’s PH levels while reducing the negative impact of disposable plastic bottles on our planet.  The lid can be used as a Glass.

Also, welcome your guests with a heartfelt and health filled gesture as you serve them water from a fabulous trend led copper Carafe alternative to regular glassware!  The Elegant and Attractive Design lends this a rich look that will surely impress your guests and make your dining experience with family and friends memorable.

Rekindle your drinking experience filled with Ayurvedic benefits.




  • Helps The Digestive System Perform Better
  • Aids In Weight Loss
  • Helps Heal Wounds Faster
  • Slows Down Ageing
  • Helps Maintain Cardiovascular Health and Beats Hypertension
  • Can Fight Cancer
  • Can Kill Bacteria
  • Stimulates Your Brain
  • Regulates The Working Of The Thyroid Gland
  • Beats Arthritis and Inflamed Joints
  • Skin Health and Melanin Production (pigmentation of eyes, hair and skin)
  • Beats Anaemia


Premium Copper Carafe Gift Idea: Hand Crafted Copper Carafe make excellent gifts for both Men and Women; Families and friends; Birthdays; Valentines’ Day; Christmas; Diwali; Idd; Great for Weddings, Anniversary Gifts for Mom and Dad or Husband/Wife, or Simply as a Fun Novelty Addition to Your Current Collection.


Premium Product: Elcobre products are best known for the quality and customer experience!  To maintain this, our products go through a variety of quality controls to always offer you first-class quality.


Environmentally Friendly: Ditch the nasty chemicals and explore our copper selection today and treat yourself to a Carafe to not only improve your general state of well being, but also that of the environment. Our Copper Carafes are beautifully and sustainably made, never need to be replaced making these environmentally friendly Carafes on the market and offers you the health benefits of copper in every mindful sip.


Note: Size & Colour may vary slightly due to handmade nature of item & display settings.


CAUTION: This Carafe is not for hot and highly acidic drinks. Hot and acidic drinks can accelerate copper leakage and possible reaction with copper. It has food-safe lacquer coating outside which helps preserve beauty and lustre.



Outside: Wipe with soft cloth

Inside: Use lemon and salt mixed with hot water and leave for 15 minutes.  Shake and then rinse off with clean water.

Copper is a soft metal but will, if well handled, last a lifetime and can be passed to the next generation. With usage, the lip and inner surface of the Carafe will turn darker due to oxidation, but this will not impair the water quality.



The Copper Carafe is designed to be used with drinking water at room temperature.

Do not use Chemicals to clean Copper Carafe.

Do not use Copper Carafe to store anything else other than water.

Do not store hot water.

Do not Freeze or expose Copper Carafe to direct heat.

Copper Carafes are not Dishwasher Safe.


Shipment: All orders are shipped out without any tracking. If you would like tracking this can be provided for you at an added cost – price is determined by weight & location. Please contact us and we can help with this.

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