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Kansa Face Roller


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Kansa Face Roller


Kansa Face Massage Roller is not just another facial roller.

It is made of pure Kansa metal- an alloy of Copper & Zinc that does more than just massage.

Made from ergonomic, authentic and robust sheesham wood used as its frame and handle, skilfully handcrafted face massager with a comfortable palmar grip handle, one bigger Kansa (bronze) roller on the top and small one Kansa (bronze) at the end held by zinc alloy braces- rust-free for maximum access to every inch of your face.

According to Ayurveda, Kansa metal is a great detoxifier and when massaged onto the skin gently flushes out the toxins, stimulates lymphatic drainage and eases muscle tension, support healthy blood circulation granting a visible facial glow.

Kansa Facial Roller provides a number of benefits with correct and continued use:

• Supports lymphatic drainage
• Releases toxins and oxygenates
• Eases muscle tension
• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Made with environmentally-friendly, cruelty free materials.

How to use:

Begin by applying oil to your face and neckline. Starting with your forehead, move the larger roller upwards towards your hairline. Next, make small horizontal strokes over your eyebrows, lifting the skin. Moving on to the area around your eyes, using the small end, apply medium pressure from the inner eye to the outer corner 10-15 times per eye. On the chin and jawline, apply medium pressure with the larger roller from the chin, along the jawline towards your ears. If you encounter any spots that feel especially tight, press hard and move back and forth quickly. Then underneath the chin, draw firm upward motions. Finally, stroke downwards on your neck (never upwards) to encourage lymph drainage.
Aftercare: Wipe the roller down with a dry or moist towelette. Do not wash with water and soap.