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Kansa Guasha (Heart Shape)


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Kansa Guasha (Heart Shape)

A Metal Alloy majorly consisting of Copper and Tin is said to be one of the most useful alloys in the history of the Ayurvedic lifestyle.  Kansa – its original name derived from Ayurveda is believed to be “the healing metal” since the age of Vedas in India. Said to be firstly created in Indus Valley Civilization, by the same culture that develops the principles of Ayurveda.

Being the oldest healing science in the world, Ayurveda is still offering a holistic and natural approach to a healthy life.

Kansa is a special type of bronze, known in India as “the healing metal.” It’s a great conductor of the body’s natural bio-electricity. It is used to direct life force energy through the tissues to release tension and excess pitta (heat + inflammation). It clears energetic blockages and detoxifies acidity from the tissues for a clearer, brighter complexion.

The Kansa metal, when used as a massager both on the face and body, boosts the immunity for its natural antimicrobial and healing properties supporting our doshic constitution and prana flow.

What is a Kansa Gua sha?

The Kansa Gua sha is a facial scraper is made out of Kansa – also known as “bronze” in the western world.
This beauty tool is designed to scrape the face to give the skin the massage benefits especially stimulating lymphatic drainage. Learn more about lymphatic drainage here.
Lymph draining is the holistic way of flushing out the “ama” or toxins from our system.

Not only does it support lymph drain but it also helps us ease muscle tension, tone our facial structure by de-puffing the skin, increasing collagen production for a firmer and youthful skin, as well as improving healthy blood circulation giving that rosy glow.

How to use Kansa Gua sha?

• Firstly always prep the skin with facial oil. Never use it on bare skin. Sculpt with one direction (centre to the side) per stroke.

• Start in the centre of your face and move outwards on both sides of the area.
• Use the edge of the tool at about 20 degrees, so you feel some of the flat side of the gua sha against your skin.

• Begin with very light strokes down the sides of the neck to the collarbone to begin the flow of lymph.

• Draw your gua sha from the midline of your face to your ear/hairline, following these latitudes: jawline, fleshy cheek, cheekbone, undereye (gently!), and forehead.

• Clear the “offramp” of fluid at the jawline in front of your ear (this is where all lymph from the face eventually flows). Use light gentle strokes down the neck.

• Use the tool to lift the brow and forehead, up and away from your third eye.

How to store Kansa Gua sha?

Occasionally clean the Gua Sha with warm water and dry it with a soft cloth or cotton before refrigerating it.

Caution: Do not clean it with wet wipes.