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Cleaning Copper Vessels using Easy Homemade Solutions

On store shelves, copper containers appear incredibly shiny and appealing. You might be tempted to purchase them so you can expand your collection of “traditional” items. In actuality, using copper for cooking, drinking, and eating has a number of health advantages in addition to just looking great. Drinking water that has been kept in copper containers overnight has become increasingly common. Ayurveda claims that consuming a glass of this water first thing each morning on an empty stomach will benefit several metabolic processes as well as various organs.

Also said to assist all three doshas balance is a morning glass of copper-enriched water (Kapha, Vata, and Pitta). Purchasing these containers is one thing; keeping them shiny via regular use is quite another. Over time, copper utensils discolor and darken, and it may be difficult to keep them looking brand-new. That is, not anymore. Here are some great solutions for getting rid of those unsightly stains.

  1. Salt And Lemon

These two substances, which can be found readily in any kitchen, work best when combined to effectively clean copper kitchenware. Simply season the lemon with salt before applying it lightly to the object. To remove persistent stains from places like the pot’s bottom or corners, use a paste made of lemon and salt. Leave this paste on for at least 30 minutes while continuing to scrape it. Your tool will undoubtedly sparkle once again after doing this. One effective method of cleaning the discolored copper pot is to use just the lemon. To remove the stains, rub the vessel with one slice of lemon in a gentle manner. To observe the results, rinse it off and let it dry.

  1. Alternative To Vinegar 

Use the readily available vinegar if your kitchen appears to be lacking in lemons and you need a quick remedy. use the same approach. Apply the solution to the afflicted region after combining vinegar and salt and stirring until the salt dissolves.

  1. Apply Ketchup 

We both agree that putting ketchup on your copper vessels is strange and impractical. However, it is a truth that the inherent acidity of ketchup does aid in the removal of copper stains. Spread some ketchup over the vessel and let it there for a while so that the acidity in the ketchup may begin to act. After that, scrub it with a nylon pad or a soft sponge. Use an olive oil-soaked towel to polish the item after washing it. Allow it to dry and experience the advantages for yourself.

  1. Make Your Own Copper Polish 

It is possible to make this DIY polish ahead of time and store it in a glass jar for later use. Just combine flour, salt, and any powdered detergent in equal proportions. Add some water, lemon juice, and white vinegar to this. Well, combine all the components. Pour a tiny quantity onto a soft sponge or nylon cleaning pad, and then massage it into the damaged copper bottom. Thoroughly rinse under running water, then dry with a soft, lint-free towel.

  1. Baking Soda 

Cleaning copper is usually a good idea when using baking soda. To clean the vessel, you can either use baking soda and lemon or just baking soda. This approach will turn out to be one of the best ones for removing stains.

  1. Vinegar And Flour

You already read about vinegar and salt in conjunction. Try using it now with salt and flour. One cup of white vinegar and one spoonful of salt should be combined. After thoroughly combining it, add some flour to create a paste. Apply this paste to the vessel that is afflicted, then wait fifteen minutes. Then polish it after giving it a warm water rinse.


Keeping their shine over regular use is a little difficult. They tarnish away even if they don’t rust. Dark rings will appear on the glossy surface, obscuring their appearance. Look into those convenient eco-friendly cleaning options for your copper cookware.

Frequently Ask Questions

How Can Copper Containers Be Organically Cleaned?

Use salt and white vinegar to combine into a paste. Apply to the surface, then use a soft cloth to buff. Dry after rinsing. When cleaning delicate copper jewelry or if dirt builds up in any dents, use a toothbrush to gently scrape the filth away.

How Can You Fast Clean Vessels?

Cleaning utensils is quick and simple. Simply wash the utensils in hot water with soap, or if they are made of wood, utilize the natural cleaning power of the sun, salt, and lemon. Try immersing the utensils in hot water to sterilize them. Your kitchenware will be spotlessly clean in no time.

How Do You Regularly Clean Copper?

Squeeze the juice from a lemon or lime into a basin, then strain the seeds out. Take a clean, soft cloth and massage it on the copper object after dipping it in the liquid. Cleaning the nooks and crannies of the copper object is made more simple by using the residual peel. Directly on the copper object, rub it.

Can Toothpaste Be Used To Clean Copper?

Apply a thin layer of ordinary, white toothpaste to the copper object. Make sure it’s a non-gel toothpaste because gel-based products can damage the metal. Spend a few minutes away. Use your towel to polish, being careful to get rid of any leftovers.

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Ecozone Lifestyle Rejuvenates Benefits The Skin With Kansa Wand Massager

Kansa, it is the Hindi or else the Sanskrit word derived for Bronze. It is derived primarily from the Copper which is the metal very celebrated in Ayurveda for the detoxification as well as the Kapha, the alleviating properties. Metals are the traditionally used in Ayurveda as the healers to negate toxicity within the organs for which Ecozone Lifestyle Rejuvenates The Skin With Kansa Wand / Massager In London . Copper is then revered in the Ayurvedic medicine for helping and restoring the better lymphatic functioning and the drainage and it is seen it is used in a wide variety of the ways.

KANSA WAND It is the tool which is an handheld wooden whose rounded tip is made up of Copper and tin as well. The need and the benefits of the Kansa tool includes the balancing of the pH levels, the purification of the toxins and of no doubt the improvement of the skin texture. The work of the Kansa tool works as a magic by making contact with the inner marma points around the face, which are the centres of the energy that further helps in determining the internal balances. Ecozone Lifestyle Product- KANSA WAND / Massager In England has it’s portability and it is easy to use it’s application. It is an simple but yet, powerful tool for the daily skincare routine.

For the skincare making creative technological advances every day. It is easy in order to get overwhelmed and basically forgot the roots. Ecozone Lifestyle is always on the lookout for new skincare tools that further helps to manage the quench of thirst for glowing and radiant skin. Being the seller of the Ecozone Lifestyle Products for Eco-friendly Products In London who has Copper Ware In London like Copper Bottle In London, Matt Copper Bottle In London, Copper Bracelet In London, Copper Ware Bracelet In London, Copper Carafe In London, Copper Glass In London, Copper Jugs In London, Copper Mug In London and so many more products where Ecozone Lifestyle Products Reviews of the product KANSA WAND and instead of discovering a new tool though to go back to a tool that is easily more than  5000 years old already with all the immense benefits.

One can wonder what the talk is all about. But, there is no need to worry for because, here Ecozone Lifestyle Rejuvenates The Skin With Kansa Wand and also transports back in time and introduce to the KANSA WAND.

It is basically, the first facial massaging tool to have ever been created as the earliest gift from Ayurveda to all of us. The actual meaning of KANSA- loosely translates the meaning of ‘HEALING METAL’. It is an facial massaging tool which is much older than Ecozone Lifestyle’s Product- GUASHA and other facial rollers. It is usually made up of Copper along with the Zinc, Tin and few other traced metals. 



The metal of the KANSA made the entry when the India had just entered into the Bronze Age. Basically, the inhabitants of the Valley of Indus created the Kansa just like they all created the beautiful and enriching the universe of the Ayurveda. The Kansa, is the only metal which has the powerful ability of the balance of the pH of the skin as well as the body. This is why the citizens of the Indus Valley Civilization primarily denied from the plates as well as the glasses made from the Kansa- in order to aid in an easy passage to the digestion. 

It is an Ayurvedic dome shaped tool that is made up of a wooden stick and metal Kansa at the bottom. It is a Sanskrit word that means bronze. Bronze is a metal alloy that is made up of Tin, Copper and Zinc. This tool is made to massage the skin and balance all of the three doshas- Kapha, Pitta and Vata.

It is considered to have the healing power due to which the ancestors use to drink and eat from the glasses and plates which were made up of Kansa.

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Ecozone Lifestyle is making sure that the tool is made up of real Kansa metal. All of the tools mentioned can be trusted to be true to the promise.


Facial massage as the whole has a wide array of benefits that can eventually make the skin look as if it has been descended from the heavens. However, the Kansa Wand has it’s own set of the miraculous properties.


The metal is at the bottom of the wand, if it is used correctly. It has the power to instantly cleanse the wandering thoughts. Ayurveda has always looked at the holistic healing which includes the body, mind as well as the soul together.


The wand is applied with the right pressure as well as the strokes, it can lift up the muscles as well as it enhances the structure. This applies to the face too. Also, it is that tool which can help in achieving the perfect jawline and the contoured face.


The wand has Copper in Kansa metal which has anti-inflammatory properties and it also helps in increasing the haemoglobin. The reason why the Kansa Wan gives a rosy glow if it is in an consistent manner. As, Copper helps in rejuvenating the skin and relieving the muscle as well as the joint pain and also heal the pains over the time. 

There is one big point which is very important before using it on the skin that one should make sure that, the part of the body has any facial oil of choice. There is no rule to stick only to one type of oil, one can use any oil as per the texture and nature of the skin. Get into the healthy routine and commit to self for using it regularly in order to pamper the skin also get your exclusive piece of KANSA WAND from Ecozone Lifestyle and start a new journey of abundance of fortune today!