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Truths Of Drinking Water From Copper Jug

The storing of normal water in any Copper Vessel or especially in a Copper Jug has been an ancient health practice that is performed particularly in Eastern countries for centuries and that is the biggest reason why Ecozone Lifestyle Reveals Truths Of Drinking Water From Copper Jug. Most of the Eastern civilizations such as the East Indian part has given an account of their grandparents have been storing water into an Copper Jug and that water has been in storage for overnight. Then, the very first thing which has to be done was drinking of that water. Was there anything something very suspicious or anything of the advantage which we are still not aware of?


Before stepping into this first, let’s debunk a few myths that have been rising on the corner with the term- COPPER!


First and the foremost thing is to understand that Copper is actually what? As per the Environmental Protection Agency, the word Copper- is basically a simple element that has been occurring naturally in the layer of the Earth’s crust and also in the water bodies. The compounds of this Copper are mostly found in Copper Salts. Where Copper is an essential trace element that is very necessary as a mineral for survival. It is basically helping in the building of collagen, increases the absorption of iron and also plays a major role in all the production related to energy.


As, there are several myths of the word-Copper one of the major myth is that, it is very poisonous and it is very bad for the health. But, in actual it has been studied that Copper is an element which is very essential for the enzyme system. As, all the enzyme systems are being credited for various metabolic processes that are very crucial to the sustenance of the life processing. And, it is not only this, Copper is very much essential and necessary for the overall health and for pursuing a healthy lifestyle. It is because as the mineral enables the normal metabolic process in the association with the few amino acids along with the vitamins. As, it is found that Copper cannot be produced naturally in the human bodies and therefore it needs to be added from various external sources to live a healthy life.


Many ancestors from the Eastern civilization part particularly India, stored water in Copper Jugs to kill bacteria. Many of the developing countries either doesn’t have water purifiers and it is one of the very basic and important part before drinking water in order to kill bacteria’s from it. In that case, Copper Jugs and all the Copper Products used for drinking purposes are very important and helpful article to have safe drinking practice.





Lifestyle diseases have been increased over the years and decades and are badly affecting the physical health of the millions of people around the world. In most of the countries obesity is one of the major top listed lifestyle disease which has started affecting the children and adults badly.

Drinking water from a Copper Jug can aid in weight loss and reduction as the Copper properties helps in speeding up the metabolism and creating the energy for burning of the fat.




One of the most interesting fact about Copper is that, it helps speedily in the absorption of the iron in the body. Moreover, the Copper also helps in the maintaining of the levels of iron in the blood along with this it regulates the flow of blood in the body.


By doing this, the internal body is saved from anemia. It also helps keep the anemia and all its symptoms at a little distance for the normal functioning of the body along with a healthy lifestyle.


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Is there any idea, why there is a need of Copper for Skin?

The harsh environmental factors mostly found in today’s time all around the globe like air pollution, water pollution, UV rays etc which all together harm the skin in various ways.


Not only this, there are some environmental factors that are very harsh and then they begin to corrode the outer layers that protect the human skin.


This is the point where Copper comes into the frame as it helps in the creation of collagen and melanin and then aids in the replenishing of the outer layers of the human skin.


The various properties of Copper like anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory keep the skin looks very much younger and more vibrant with regular use.


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Here, Ecozone Lifestyle Reveals Truths Of Drinking Water From Copper Jug as according to the Ayurveda, drinking water from the Copper vessel or a jug every morning after rising detoxifies and cleans the digestive tract and also increases the absorption all throughout the day.

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