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Explains The End Of Pandemic Covid-19 – Ecozone Lifestyle

Explains The End Of Pandemic COVID 19 Ecozone Lifestyle

It is almost two years from now since the first case of the Pandemic COVID-19 was detected and then, the outbreak exploded into the deadliest Pandemic caused by the COVID-19 which are in the living memory of people all around the globe. But, here the point comes that are we all able to see any light at the end of the tunnel after these two years? So, here the Ecozone Lifestyle Explains The End Of Pandemic COVID-19. As, we all are learning that it will help to all of us taking the steps to ensure that we all the people around the globe will not face such a crisis ever again.

First and the foremost thing is that, there is a silver lining on to the dark cloud of the Pandemic caused due to the COVID-19 are the Vaccines, Diagnostics as well as the Medicines have already been developed at the unprecedented speed, with the private as well as the public sectors working closely together.

Whenever, there is a discussion comes on the end of the Pandemic of COVID-19 then, Ecozone Lifestyle Explains The End Of Pandemic COVID-19 as, Pandemic is overdue. All of us keep on hearing that now, we are standing in the middle of the Pandemic stage. However, it is not yet clear that what it means to be in the middle of the Pandemic o COVID-19 and if we don’t know yet what it means for a Pandemic to the end.

We all around the globe, were given a specific date by the WHO for starting the Pandemic of COVID-19 that is- 11.March.2020. Then, few days later the WHO Director General had for the very first time and then used the term- ”EPIDEMIC” in order to refer the Pandemic COVID-19 outbreaks in many countries. This disease is categorized as an the epidemic then when, it spreads rapidly with the higher rates than the normal in terms of the certain geographical areas. This Pandemic COVID-19 is an epidemic spreading over more than one continent.

However, when and how this disease caused by the Pandemic COVID-19 becomes normal or acceptable is primarily the concern of Social, Cultural, Political as well as the Ethical Phenomenon rather than the Scientific or the Epidemiological factors. Basically, the epidemics end not with the end of the disease but, with the disease becoming the endemic then this is now accepted not even this accepted as the part of normal life- NEW NORMAL LIFE!

Now, the point comes when will the pandemic will end?

ERADICATING MYTH: Most oftently, this COVID-19 Pandemic will not end via eradication. As, there seems to be no alternative to accept the COVID-19 as the part of NEW NORMAL LIFE as well as the normal risks we all take in life.

As, ‘the eradication of the disease demonstrates that, the complete elimination of any infectious disease through purposeful human activity which is extremely uncommon.’ Most commonly, the various epidemic diseases remain with us and then they return back in cycles or waves. Sometimes, most of them became manageable for most of the people with the medical treatments. By contract, there is such a strong and big consensus that the Pandemic of COVID-19 will not go away as per the scientific consensus.

ACCEPTABLE LEVELS: The epidemics of the infectious diseases generally end by becoming endemic as per the researches. Also, ‘the endemic of the disease is when the rates are reduced to the levels of locally acceptable level.’ and then, the disease becomes manageable.

However, the level which is considered to be manageable as well as the acceptable, particularly for some new disease is not defined by the epidemiology. Unlike the process of the start of an epidemic is- the end is a process of the negotiation as well it’s dynamic are often unclear and are not explicit.

The understanding of the end of the Pandemic of COVID-19 must inform the public health policy. Earlier, in the Pandemic, countries that aimed for and were able to implement, eliminate goals through airtight border restrictions. And, as we move through the various different stages of the Pandemic of COVID-19 we keep on adjusting and understanding the ‘end’.

There might be a day in upcoming times where the WHO declares that finally the Pandemic of COVID-19 has ended. There would be probably any pragmatic reasons to do so. As, for some those who have already resumed the NEW NORMAL LIFE for those the Pandemic has already ended. For others, the Pandemic of COVID-19 will continue not only through the effects of the illness but also through some Economic Hardships, Political Instability, Social Dislocation as well as some Non- COVID related health issues that the restrictions imply on them.

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Hence, the various factors will keep on playing the role in driving and defining the end of this Pandemic COVID-19 but it is essential to keep an eye on self and start adapting the NEW NORMAL LIFE with the sustainable products and by switching to copper!

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