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Bring Out Into Open Guide For Green Diwali – Ecozone Lifestyle

Bring Out Into Open Guide For Green Diwali - Ecozone Lifestyle

The Indian festival of lights, sweets and the most interesting firecrackers. As, Diwali is just round the corner. While it is the most interesting season to celebrate it is also the season to for some reflection. And, here Bring Out Into Guide For Green Diwali. In order to control the increasing air pollution level, let us all take the initiative to Eco-Friendly Diwali celebration. Not only this let us all encourage people to celebrate Diwali in an environment friendly manner.


Another initiative is to reduce the detrimental effects of the firecrackers which are going excessive every year. As, interestingly, the scientists also have formulated the Eco-Friendly crackers which would reduce the emission along with the respite of  the noise pollution.


This as well as all the upcoming year’s Diwali celebration can be GREEN DIWALI celebration if we all join together to bring something good for our Mother Earth. Here, mentioned are some simple tips in order to enjoy and celebrate the Eco-Friendly Diwali.




Using of the earthen lamps this Diwali can be great! Diwali is the festival of light and the string lights have been all the rage over the past years. However, we can make efforts to minimize the use of fancy light by adopting the clay or the earthen lamps which we often call as the Diyas.

These lights are not only cheaper but infact they all are very much Eco-Friendly and causes no harm to the environment.


Further, Ecozone Lifestyle’s Elephant Diyas can also be used when it comes for decorative purposes. They all are Eco- Friendly Products and also gives a very nice look. They all are coloured. In addition to this electricity bill can also be managed as they all give elegant look.




As, there is still no or complete ban on the use of firecracker we can still have fun and enjoy with family by burning GREEN CRACKERS. These green crackers are less pollutants and also they cause minimal noise. We can still have the fun of those Diwali crackers in an Eco-Friendly manner.


Not, only this if we encourage our family and friends to do so we can contribute a bit in minimising the noise as well as air pollution.



At the times of the puja or after puja dinner or else the lunch parties we can affirmate to Strictly Saying NO TO PLASTIC- the plates and the other product are used for the Prasadal Distribution and for the eating purposes which should be in the degradable products. Plastic wastes are not environment friendly. These days there are many recyclable products available which must be considered for this and the most natural way is distributing in leaves for eating.




Gifting is an important part of the Diwali celebration. Instead of wasting loads of amount on unnecessary thing this time you can easily switch to copper- it is not only a present infact it is a gift for healthy lifestyle.

Here, Ecozone Lifestyle is working on a mission to eliminate plastic and for wellness where you can also contribute in managing the well-being of yourself and your loved ones like Eco Friendly Copper Bottle In England are the Best Copper Bottle In England and are one of the Pure Copper Bottle In England, not only this to get the Best Copper Ware In England as well as the Premium Copper Ware In England like Pure Copper Glass In England, Pure Copper Carafe In England along with the Best Jugs In England which are the Pure Copper Jugs In England, Pure Copper Mug In England is a common practice.


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When there is shopping for Green Diwali, products must be bought that are easily recyclable and also they are Eco-Friendly. The diyas used during the Diwali celebration can be again used all throughout the year in order to provide the pleasant and peaceful ambience in the workspace or else at home.


Diwali is all about the time for togetherness and the joy. It is the time to share the happiness, this is one of those festival that everyone wants to celebrate with pomp and the grandeur. But, let’s all not all forget for the people who are suffering from the asthma or any air issue which can be caused after the Diwali celebration due to air pollution caused by all of us. Post- Diwali cases of respiratory diseases are getting increased each year as the quality of the air goes down badly.


The simple way of the celebration of Eco-Friendly Diwali is by utilising the traditional principles of a sustainable lifestyle- Recycle, Refurbish as well as the Reinvent.

Only for the sake of few of enjoyment let us all not damage the environment. Instead find happiness and peace in making this planet- Mother Earth a better and a healthy place to be in for every living being. Let us all pledge together to spread the awareness by making this festival more delightful as well as much meaningful!


In order to welcome and entertain al the guests and gift them in a stylish and Eco-Friendly manner you can visit to Ecozone Lifestyle for many more stylish and sustainable products for personal use as well as to gift a special and Eco-Friendly product this Festival Season.

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