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Reveals Tips For Recyclable Ravan Dussehra – Ecozone Lifestyle

Reveals Tips For Recyclable Ravan Dussehra

Every year, the Indian festival Vijay Dashmi or else the Dusshera is celebrated with the elaborated lighting, spectacular fireworks and the burning effigies. While the grand celebrations of the festival of the Dusshera brings the much awaited festival vibes but the celebration also spikes the air quality index so this time Reveals Tips For Recyclable Ravan Dussehra to celebrate in much gesture and enthusiasm.


However, there are very big numbers of ways to celebrate the festival of Dusshera in novel ways so that, the festival can be celebrated in a more sustainable manner without polluting the environment and the Mother Earth.

Here, Ecozone Lifestyle gives a clarion call to all the people out there who celebrate this festival of Eco Friendly Dusshera to use Eco-Friendly ways to celebrate the festival. Let us all take a oath to reduce plastic waste from our hands as much as we can. As, Ecozone Lifestyle is on a mission to- ELIMINATE PLASTIC so this can be followed by joining and work to achieve the target. The mission can also include- Not To Waste Food, Conserve Energy and Save The Environment.

We all raise the expression of the concern for the environment and call for the effigies made from the recycled wastes. The Green Avatars Of Ravan- Now a days, people are adopting innovative ways to celebrate the pollution free Dusshera, including organising laser shows and going for the effigies made out of Recyclable Paper.

Dusshera of the Durga Puja is celebrated for the constantly nine days and the tenth day is Vijay Dashmi or Dusshera which is a sign of Victory of Good Over Evil.  With the festive season round the corner, Reveals Tips For Recyclable Ravan – Dussehra by amidst the grand celebration, the giant puja pandals, larger than life Goddess statues, decorative products, feasts, etc which further creates the piles of garbage.

With the festival season round the corner, celebration of Dusshera with the joy and prosperity but with an Eco-Friendly  way here, are some tips to celebrate in an Eco- Friendly manner.


Multiple colours or the chemicals paints are being used on the idols which pollute the water and the environment as well. Paintings of the idols can be done with the natural colours (which are made from the dyes out of the flower and other products) which is one of the better and more sustainable option.


In most of the cases it has been seen that, the puja pandals are decorated with the thermocol, plastic products etc. which generates a large amount of waste. Thermocol as well as the plastic are the non degradable products which causes harm to the environment.

This can be switched to Eco-Friendly decorations and also there is huge need to limit the decoration to paper products and other natural degradable item like bamboo.


Saving the power or electricity is the most crucial thing. At the time of Dusshera, most of the people tend to use different colourful lights with the inclusion of halogen lights to decorate the pandals for puja which consumes a lot of power. Instead of this, everyone must opt for the CFL bulbs or other energy saving lights and other electrical products.


These days playing the loudspeakers in full volume has now became a part of every festive celebration across all the religious localities. Everyone should give a thought about this along with all the old neighbours and the small kids in the residential colony and avoid using the loudspeakers.


At the times of the puja, the plates and the other product are used for the Prasadal Distribution and for the eating purposes which should be in the degradable products. Plastic wastes are not environment friendly. These days there are many recyclable products available which must be considered for this and the most natural way is distributing in leaves for eating.

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