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Celebrates Spooky But, Zero Waste Halloween – Ecozone Lifestyle

Happy Halloween, To All Our Spooky Friends- Boo!

Halloween, is the most wonderful time and it is the most amazing day of the year and we at Ecozone Lifestyle cannot wait to let it go without celebrating but, Ecozone Lifestyle Celebrates Spooky But, Zero Waste Halloween and we had plan to do the celebration by spreading the message of wellness and good health among all the nations around.

As, observed and researched from past few years it has been found that, a chilling 2,000 tonnes of plastic is usually wasted every year on the occasion of Halloween. And, seeing the stats it is good to be in the festive mood but also should keep the few aspects in mind and try to have the celebrations in an eco-friendly manner.

It is a very sad part to see that every year what happens in actual manner besides the celebration and having fun, the nature of Halloween makes it an especially wasteful as well as the unsustainable time of the year.

It is very common and has seen after every 31st October’s night all of the homes have the plastic waste outside including the wrappers, decorations, sweets as well as the costumes.

There are many reports seen on this, that the night of 31st October plays a major role in creating tonnes of plastic waster in the year. It is a huge responsible reason in the rise of plastic waste which includes all the stuff used in celebrations like plastics, wrappers, sweets wrappers specially, decorations and the costumes plays a major role in this.

Keeping all the above things in mind, this time there is plan where Ecozone Lifestyle Celebrates Spooky But, Zero Waste Halloween to be more eco-conscious and then celebrating the Halloween. There are tips on where, everything can be dedicated to a greener way of celebration including the partying-pumpkins or else the most important trick or treating!


It has been seen that, the pumpkins are the Halloween’s staple. But, the fact is that, they create a huge amount of Food Waste and the most scary part is that there is around 12.8 millions of pumpkins are thrown away because the fact is people don’t even realise that, the pumpkins are edible. They are only carved and then, they all are discarded without even realising that it is a food article which is for the eating purpose.

There are number of ways by which it can be avoided but the best thing is if there is a need to buy the pumpkin then buy the Local product which can be easily available at any supermarket. And, once the celebration is done the next day it can be kept at the garden or somewhere outside to feed the birds and local pets so that at least they can eat and feed on it.

Also, it can be kept in mind that before carving the pumpkin to simply take all the seeds off and wash them instead of just throwing straight to the bin. It can be used as the roasted seeds and can be used to give energy. The seeds can be roasted in just 10-15 minutes which can give huge amount of energy as a tasty snack and also unnecessary food waste can be avoided too.


The decorations of Halloween are again a big contributor towards the huge amount of plastic waste. They all are mostly the ones of plastic related stuff and for one time use only.

Instead of using and purchasing the new ones that too of plastic we can switch to the creation of own with the zero waste spider web or else the cartoons can be used for the ghost lanterns instead of purchasing the new articles of plastic and decorating the house which is going to end up as the waste on the very next day.

Consider that you are throwing your money straight  away to the dust bin by your own hands!


As, partying is a must essential thing on Halloween so, there is a super cool idea of partying but, in an eco-friendly manner. It will not only give a new look but eventually will change the thoughts of the people.

When there is a get together on Halloween it is a good way to separate the rubbish container so that, the guests can easily recycle glass and plastic in any easy manner.

If, the party is with the children around decorate the plastic containers or bins with the clearly visible pictures or names so that it is easily visible and it is more easy for everyone to identify where and how to throw the garbage or waste.

This can be also done by arranging a game for them. Using a felt tip marker to colour the rubbish with the different colours corresponding to the rubbish container.

This can be a new version of party but, this can bring a change in the society and can modify the thoughts and thinking perspective of the people around.


While spending a few dollars or pounds on a plastic treats when it comes to a healthy lifestyle Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of the medicines and natural remedies which is from India that dates back to ages. Yet, despite of all it’s benefits as well as the great number of the followers there are many misunderstandings prevails the practice.

Instead of treating with sweets and plastic gifts- try Copper this time and gift a wellness product.

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Ecozone Lifestyle helps in providing sustainable products for a healthy living by all it’s means. It is also on a mission to eliminate plastic for which it also offers a sense of independence when it come to make the decisions. One may attract money to self, business and in house by just putting it strategically in the environment or just wearing it in hand. But, it is not a stop here, for Best Handicraft In London like Best Decorative Stool In London, Wooden Stool In London which are the Best Wooden Stool In London, Tea Light Holders In London, Handmade Tea Light In London, Napkin Holders In London which are the best Wooden Napkin Holders In London, Copper Gift Sets In London from Ecozone Lifestyle can be bought straight. Also, can search for some fun authentic pieces for personal use like Copper Tongue Cleaner In London, Bamboo Cotton Buds In London, Umbrella In London.

This year, why not try making a Zero Waste and Green Halloween. As, Ecozone Lifestyle Celebrates Spooky But, Zero Waste Halloween which includes all the using of eco-friendly methods rather than plastics which are sewn together to make a huge ton of garbage as well as Food Waste.

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