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Busted The Common Myths On Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, the medicinal form is considered to be one of the most beneficial systems of medicines but, there are many several myths around it where Ecozone Lifestyle – Busted The Common Myths On Ayurveda. It is the right time now to bust them all.

Since, the onset of the pandemic of the COVID-19, the world of Ayurveda has been echoing in the wind. People are very well aware that such a science exists but, at the same time there is a cloud of doubt which surrounds it. With the unknown, come a lots of myths.

It is almost two years from now since the first case of the Pandemic COVID-19 was detected and then, the outbreak exploded into the deadliest Pandemic caused by the COVID-19 which is in the living memory of people all around the globe. But, here the point comes are we all able to see any light at the end of the tunnel after these two years? So, here the Ecozone Lifestyle Explains The End Of Pandemic COVID-19. As, we all are learning that it will help all of us to take the steps to ensure that we all the people around the globe will not face such a crisis ever again.

Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of the medicines which is from India that dates back to ages. Yet, despite of all its benefits as well as the great number of the followers there are many misunderstandings prevails the practice. So, in the attempt to dispel the uncertainty, here are some of the common myths as well as the facts of this ancient practice.

As, ‘the eradication of the disease demonstrates that, the complete elimination of any infectious disease through purposeful human activity which is extremely uncommon.’ Most commonly, the various epidemic diseases remain with us and then they return back in cycles or waves. Sometimes, most of them became manageable for most of the people with the medical treatments. By contract, there is such a strong and big consensus that the Pandemic of COVID-19 will not go away as per the scientific consensus.

Also, Global Warming is one of the long term warming and alerts of our planet- Mother Earth’s overall temperature. Though this is an warming trend which been going on for a very long time period. It’s pace significantly has increased in the last hundred years due to the burning of the fossil fuels. We all know that the human population has been increasing and so, the volume of the fossil fuel has been burned totally. The fossil fuels includes the coal, oil and the natural gas which is burning them as the causes what is resulting in the ”Greenhouse Effect” in our Mother Earth’s atmosphere.Β 

There are number of things which are resulting into bad way on our health. The gasses of this Greenhouse Effect are the Carbon Dioxide, Chlorofluorocarbons, Water Vapour, Methane and Nitrous Oxide. This excessive heat in our atmosphere has caused the average global temperature to rise in overtime, which is further known to as the- GLOBAL WARMING!

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Most of the people think that the since Ayurveda uses the natural remedies in order to cure the ailments, it is harmless. Hence, they are tending to o for the self treatment with the ayurvedic medicines which are available these days.

FACT- All the medicines, which are ayurvedic or not, have their side effects and then, if the dosage is not taken as the prescribed. For the ayurvedic medicines prescriptions to work, the four pillars of the practice needed to be taken into the consideration. They are the doctors, the patients, the caretaker as well as the medicines.


The reason behind this why some people restrain themselves from the undergoing of the Ayurvedic treatment is their doubt about it being a legitimate practice.

FACT: The science of the Ayurveda bases it’s concept of the treatment upon the misbalancing of the three doshas (the Kapha, the Vita, the Pitta) present in the human body, which might be responsible for one or more of the ailments the humans might be suffering. Hence, the ayurveda doctors, unlike the allopathy, do not ever require to the reference towards the different specialists for the different problems.


It is a very common belief that the, Ayurveda only uses the herbs and in order to create the medicines and the bans the consumption of the meat products and the flesh and the onion, which are considered as the ‘TAMASIC FOOD’ those all are very harmful to the body.

FACT: But, the truth is that many ayurvedic doctors actually recommend the consumption of the onion as well as the garlic owning to the great medicinal properties that both have that too offer. While the garlic is something which helps in combating the colds, cholesterol as well the purifies the blood. Not only this, on the other hand the onions can help us avoid the sunstrokes, bleeding of the nose as well as the assisting in the cleansing breast milk.

Meat is also prescribed in the certain amounts to the balance of the levels of the iron in the human body, which provides the protein and to the ward off the infections.

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There are many other myths that surrounds the ancient and the effective form of the medicine that people still deem true!

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