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Reveals Tips For Eco-Friendly Navratri

Making Navratri season in an appealing manner and also making it Eco-Friendly Products would not spoil the fun. But, the fact which remains the same about same is celebrating in the true sense. Here, Reveals Tips For Eco-Friendly Navratri, where one can go green this Navratri season.


Navratri is an Indian festival but it is not just a festival it is nine nights of sincere sanctity prayers and worship along with fasting as well as the celebration of the Divinity. There are cities across the Indian country that are decorated with lights, huge gathering places called the pandals and they are prepared for large commotions and the magnificent idols of Gods and the Goddesses are made into it.


The entire nine nights of celebration spell the bounds within everyone but, when it is all over it always casts a looming threat towards the surroundings as well as the nature causing harm to Mother Earth.


This is because while the farewell ritual these gigantic idols are immersed into the water streams on the tenth day which all are prepared with the POP (Plaster Of Paris) and then the chemically treated colors are into the water streams they pollute the waterways and the rivers etc.

As, we at Ecozone Lifestyle are with the PLASTIC FREE MOVEMENT- ELIMINATE PLASTIC in order to protect our Mother Earth we all should take part by beckoning in this initiative. So, here mentioned are few tips in which we all can be a part of this movement by celebrating ECO-FRIENDLY NAVRATRI. 




Back in days, the idols of the Gods as well as the Goddesses were prepared by using the clay only. It was an Eco-Friendly as well as the harmless way. But now a days due to the demand of the more attractive idols are growing in a very fast rate due to which people have started using the Plaster of Paris as well as the artificial colours. When the idols are immersed in the water streams, the PoP degrades the quality of that water and thus, the water becomes very harmful for all the aquatic animals as well as to all the humans around the globe. Therefore, using clay idols to worship would play a major role in order to keep the rivers and all the water streams clean.




It has been found and seen that people love to decorate the idols with fresh floral decoration daily and then they began to decompose by the end of the day. When these flowers are thrown back into the rivers and the water bodies they keep on floating and get deposit on the banks finally. Hence, it is found that the decomposition of all the floral offerings at a waste collection point would be far more responsible. Then, the local bodies can separately compost it to produce manure. It can be then used for the gardens or farming area located in the nearby places of that area or city.




It is a natural thing that all the festivals are celebrated with the loved ones. When, it is specially the Navratri season everyone is bound to receive numerous guests at home. While it becomes exceptionally hectic to again and again wash all the cutlery and utensils in large amount so socializing and using plastic cutlery to avoid again and again washing has resulted in the large landfills. Thus it is found good to reduce the plastic waste by purchasing biodegradable tableware. These tableware are made from sugarcane pulp and rice husk as they are very much Eco-Friendly and compostable.


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Using all the Eco-Friendly products will not only save our time from post cleaning but also will turn into manure if kept inside the composting bin. Every festival is meant to be celebrated in the great spirit and enthusiasm but, it is our responsibility to keep the surroundings and specially the waterways and the cities absolutely clean. From purchasing the idols to serving snacks and then the decomposition should be in an healthy and biodegrable manner in order to keep our home and our Mother Earth a place to live in and as Ecozone Lifestyle Reveals Tips For Eco-Friendly Navratri there are plenty more ways to celebrate the Navratri Festival in one of the truly divine manner.


In order to welcome and entertain al the guests and gift them in a stylish and Eco-Friendly manner you can visit to Ecozone Lifestyle for many more stylish and sustainable products for personal use as well as to gift a special and Eco-Friendly product this Festival Season.


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